Why is Google so successful today?

Google success cannot be because of anyone then its own founder, the two brilliant minds that realized and worked for a search engine that will be desirable for all. Larry Page and Sergey Brin brought the concept of the ranking of pages that could give better results for every query that people searched.

Company’s like Instagram and Twitter have also boomed in recent times. But people are not as dependent on them as they are on google. Google has dominated in so many fields that it is hard to beat them now any time soon. Even out the question of how to hack Instagram? is relevant at this point because there is no good answer on google.

History and Competition!

Let me take you back before Google was launched that is before 1998, do you know what did the search engine worked at that time? Some of the search engines were Yahoo, Excite, etc. that use to provide information, the web was divided into different sections like science, mathematics, computers, etc. Even to find some simple query they had to look through several files and find the answer. The search engine at that time was not user-friendly at all.

In this scenario, do you think something like Google won’t do wonders for all? Yes of course it will be a savior, as now everything is just at one click. We don’t have to scrutinize the whole web.

Successful Google

So in a way, one can say that the marvelous service that Google provided was enough to make it famous and trustworthy for all. They didn’t stop here they launched different products in different spaces and now the only search engine known to most of all is Google. Others are dead.

Does the success also depend on where does Google gets its revenue from to provide such fabulous service? Read it to know it.

Google has dominated the whole market around the world.

Google provided all this for free to their customer so obviously, they had to generate their revenue through different means as to run a company like Google involves huge stakes.

Since the company had dominated the whole online search they were able to earn through online advertising.

Google Collects Data

They came up with the best searches and to know what people needed, it obviously needs to know what people want. Hence it collects people’s data and then appropriately gives the best result according to each one’s need. To work so precisely and segregating so much data needs great technology and money so it is obvious that they work in a monopoly.

It also uses our data to raise their advertising revenue as through that the advertiser can reach the right audience.

The more it needed information the more it spread into different spaces like emails, Google map, adding a review to known place on Google, Android, YouTube all such different application contributed to collecting more data about people and thus delivering better result as well as earning at the same time.

Parent to Different small companies

Google is a parent company of so many existing companies present now and has to be successful in controlling the whole market.

It is said Google will always remain a big player in the market as many search engine has come but is not able to take its place. Google is all successful because of the brilliant mind that has contributed to making something so unique and extraordinary. The level of their ambition and dedication towards the company will always keep Google as a big player in the market.

It is all because of the all-around efforts that have contributed to its growth and made it great as it is today.

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