Why did China Ban Google and other Giants?


Everybody realises that China is one of the greatest nation in making with 1.386 billion (2017) population. Conquering the world with their services and items. As recently announced, the quantity of web clients was 3.58 billion, up from 3.39 billion in the earlier year. China being the world’s quickest developing economies, each tech mammoth organisation needs to grow their business in China. Since Chinese individuals utilize the Internet and web based life so vigorously, it ends up essential for western tech goliaths to make a market on China.

The tech giants, for example, Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, hack Instagram, and numerous others need to make their essence in China. The utilization of these monster tech organizations items and services can incredibly profit and make a vast commitment to its development.

But, China has a peculiar strategy against the utilisation of the web and online life. Utilising GFC(Great Firewall Of China) Chinese government screens all the web substance and has restricted numerous universes prominent online life locales like Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube, Twitter and others. The Chinese government has entirely severe guidelines and guideline which are to be trailed by all the online destinations. Be that as it may, the Chinese government have motivations to legitimize their activities and intention.

Let’s see some of the reasons why Chinese government wants to keep these social media sites away from its country.

The Chinese government knows about how the information and data gathered from Chinese population can be utilized against China. More specially the Chinese government doesn’t need the outside tech organizations keeping an eye on them. Chinese government fears that the substance posted via web-based networking media websites can impact their kin. Since these locales are user generated, they can’t control it. The Chinese government needs the protection of its nation just as individuals and doesn’t need anybody to come in middle of  its political undertakings. The Chinese government doesn’t need individuals to examine their nations. Different ideological groups or issues in those mainstream online social media websites.

China’s Tech Sector

Another reason which China presents to world is that they want to develop their own tech sector (in-house Silicon Valley) to compete with companies outside in the global market. The use of local social media, web engines and other products can create much more revenue than outsiders for the country by imposing tax. The Chinese has developed their own platforms to fight “American” tech giants such as Baidu for Google, Yoku for Youtube, Weibo against Facebook and so many others.

The other reason which seems logical is the prevention from illegal and adult content. Monitoring a foreign website will be tough but taking control over a homegrown website is quite easy for a government. That’s what China is doing taking control over whole internet and calling it Great Firewall of China (GFC) which makes accessing illegal or pornography websites impossible in China.

So when you are visiting China next time don’t forget to install some Chinese apps and told your friends also to install the same one or else you won’t be able to connect with them.

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