Who founded Google? Explained in Detail!

Let’s know the complete history.

Want to check some event going on near you, or some good restaurant? Or anything that’s in your mind as your project information or sniffing out to your favorite celebrity’s profile. Where do you go for all this search, Google it, Right?

20 years from now all this was not possible, one had to scrutinize the whole bunch of information available and find things that they really required. Thankfully Google has made it easier.

Unraveling all the secrets and mysteries behind the foundation of Google, this article will throw light upon some of the amazing facts about Google.

21 years from now it was very difficult to perform most of the tasks we do today at just one click, let us first learn who paved the idea something like the Search bar to Google, was there anything before it that gave results? Yes, there was yahoo and excite who had made information available on the web, in the form of categories like Education, Health, Mathematics, etc. But they were not successful in making it user friendly and deliver easy navigation to their users like what Google provides us.

So one fine day in 1995, two brilliant minds met each other when Larry Page was a Ph.D. student and Sergey Brin a student, both from Stanford University. They slowly became great friends and as both came from a family background of computers and mathematics they had great knowledge and interest in the same. They kept debating on different intellectual topics in Computers, etc.

In 1996, Larry and Sergey started working in office number 360 in the Computer Science building at Stanford University. Larry had to spend a lot of time on the web for his computer science studies and as I had mentioned web was all bombarded with enormous information which had to be looked on for a long to find something relevant to your need.

Larry realized the fact that the web is messed up with a lot of information that lack relevancy in results. Working on it all for long he discovered that the web is built on links where one page was linked to another or one idea to another.

And he comprehends that nobody had taken the efforts till then to make this navigation easier by analyzing the structure of the Link.

As both of them came from an academic background, they knew that while presenting any paper, it is ranked by the number of citations. The citation made these papers more authentic and reliable.

And hence they interpreted the links as the Digital Citation. And now they wanted a way through which they could analyze the authenticity of a page on the web.

Larry was doing all this out of his curiosity and nowhere in his mind had he thought that he would become the founder of such a big company whose product is used throughout the world.

Page went to his academic advisor and asked for money and space that would help him decipher this whole muddle of Links. He called this project BackRub.

And he started reversing all the links on the whole web to know where they belonged.  In March 1996 Larry Page started Back Rub by Sending search bots known as a spider into the whole web to find all the Links. He first started with the Stanford webpage and followed the links and went on to know which webpage had more citations and thus ranked them.

This included a lot of numbers and cannot be solved alone, this was the time when the second mind Sergey Brin contributed to the Project.

They went on segregating webpage on the basis of links they called citations and thus gave Page rank. And they came forward to a lot of data, which they then equated into a mathematical equation to solve it faster.

They understood the fact that the existing search engine like Yahoo, Excite, etc.  Could never work due to the lack of the concept of Page rank that did not make the search relevant to the users need.

Working on it for the year they got to know that the more data they had, the more properly it worked.

And now as they had unintentionally built up a unique search engine it was the time to bring it into the market competing with search players like Yahoo having a $100 million market cap.

They were in an attempt to sell their product to the existing Search engines and convince them to change their algorithm to the one they had discovered. But nobody showed any interest.

With repetitive decline to their proposal, they decided to build their own search engine, and they made it available first to the Stanford Network in 1997 and then to the rest public.

Through no marketing but just word of mouth their service grew very popular delivering solutions to more than 10 thousand queries a day by 1998.

They later named this service Google from the word ‘’Googol’’ which is a 1 followed by 100 zeros. Curious to know why this name as they wanted to indicate that they are including the whole web so that it could reflect their work.  Googol.com was not available and hence the URL was chosen as google.com.

This was a brief history of how Google came into being and I am sure that you will be amazed after getting so many facts at just one click on our site all due to the great work of Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Why is Google so successful today?

Google success cannot be because of anyone then its own founder, the two brilliant minds that realized and worked for a search engine that will be desirable for all. Larry Page and Sergey Brin brought the concept of the ranking of pages that could give better results for every query that people searched.

Company’s like Instagram and Twitter have also boomed in recent times. But people are not as dependent on them as they are on google. Google has dominated in so many fields that it is hard to beat them now any time soon. Even out the question of how to hack Instagram? is relevant at this point because there is no good answer on google.

History and Competition!

Let me take you back before Google was launched that is before 1998, do you know what did the search engine worked at that time? Some of the search engines were Yahoo, Excite, etc. that use to provide information, the web was divided into different sections like science, mathematics, computers, etc. Even to find some simple query they had to look through several files and find the answer. The search engine at that time was not user-friendly at all.

In this scenario, do you think something like Google won’t do wonders for all? Yes of course it will be a savior, as now everything is just at one click. We don’t have to scrutinize the whole web.

Successful Google

So in a way, one can say that the marvelous service that Google provided was enough to make it famous and trustworthy for all. They didn’t stop here they launched different products in different spaces and now the only search engine known to most of all is Google. Others are dead.

Does the success also depend on where does Google gets its revenue from to provide such fabulous service? Read it to know it.

Google has dominated the whole market around the world.

Google provided all this for free to their customer so obviously, they had to generate their revenue through different means as to run a company like Google involves huge stakes.

Since the company had dominated the whole online search they were able to earn through online advertising.

Google Collects Data

They came up with the best searches and to know what people needed, it obviously needs to know what people want. Hence it collects people’s data and then appropriately gives the best result according to each one’s need. To work so precisely and segregating so much data needs great technology and money so it is obvious that they work in a monopoly.

It also uses our data to raise their advertising revenue as through that the advertiser can reach the right audience.

The more it needed information the more it spread into different spaces like emails, Google map, adding a review to known place on Google, Android, YouTube all such different application contributed to collecting more data about people and thus delivering better result as well as earning at the same time.

Parent to Different small companies

Google is a parent company of so many existing companies present now and has to be successful in controlling the whole market.

It is said Google will always remain a big player in the market as many search engine has come but is not able to take its place. Google is all successful because of the brilliant mind that has contributed to making something so unique and extraordinary. The level of their ambition and dedication towards the company will always keep Google as a big player in the market.

It is all because of the all-around efforts that have contributed to its growth and made it great as it is today.

GOOGLE Search TRICKS for Everyone (Bet You Didn’t know some)

Google search engine is too deep that you can never explore it completely. We use it daily but we never use it completely to its full potential. But search engine got pretty nifty tricks which you can use to take a deeper dive into the sea of internet.


You know you can use Google News to search for news which dated back to the 1880s. You just have to type the keyword or words you are looking for into the Google News search bar, and then click on Search Archive.


This one is a very common and simple trick. What you have to do is just put the phrase in between quotes this will only yield webpages with the same word in the same order as it’s in the quotes. Because everyone follows whatever there is in quotes then why not Google.

Google search

  1. Use an asterisk within quotes to specify unknown or variable words

This one is not that known with people. So here what you need to do to harness the power of this trick. So if you are searching a phrase in quotes with an asterisk replacing a word will search all variations of that phrase. It comes in handy if you are searching for a speech or song.

  1. Use the minus sign to eliminate results containing certain words

If you don’t want some words then you can eliminate them yes you can use this trick to eliminate the word or words you don’t want to show up in your results. You just have to use a minus term in front of that word and that word will be excluded from the search results.

  1. Search websites for a word

So you want a particular article or a page from a particular website then what to do. It’s simply just using the “ site: “ function which you have to use like this “ Word site: Website Name“.

  1. Use Vs

Hungry but on diet and confused. You know what you can use google search to help you decide what you should eat. Yes, you just have to use “Vs” between two food names to get a nutritional comparison of those food items. This basically works on mobile phones and if you use it on your desktop then don’t blame us we haven’t told you.

  1. Use TILT

You can tilt your mobile screens just for fun then you can use the keyword “TILT” in google search and then just laugh out loud (LOL, we don’t embrace short forms).

  1. Get the meaning of any word

Is your English week then buy the XYZ dictionary and learn English easy way.

Now there’s no need to buy thousand-page dictionary and waste minutes to find a word. Google is here to make it easy. You just have to use “Define:” before the word to get the meaning of that and you can get the meaning of these modern-day slangs also.

  1. Search Images using Images

Just saw a weird image ( not that type of ) and want to know what that is, then just use google image to find out. You have to tap that camera icon on Google Images

  1. Play Atari Breakout

You can play Atari Breakout on google just by searching  Atari Breakout within quotes on Google Images and you know why it’s even on Google because Google engineers love this game.

Why did China Ban Google and other Giants?

Everybody realises that China is one of the greatest nation in making with 1.386 billion (2017) population. Conquering the world with their services and items. As recently announced, the quantity of web clients was 3.58 billion, up from 3.39 billion in the earlier year. China being the world’s quickest developing economies, each tech mammoth organisation needs to grow their business in China. Since Chinese individuals utilize the Internet and web based life so vigorously, it ends up essential for western tech goliaths to make a market on China.

The tech giants, for example, Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, hack Instagram, and numerous others need to make their essence in China. The utilization of these monster tech organizations items and services can incredibly profit and make a vast commitment to its development.

But, China has a peculiar strategy against the utilisation of the web and online life. Utilising GFC(Great Firewall Of China) Chinese government screens all the web substance and has restricted numerous universes prominent online life locales like Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube, Twitter and others. The Chinese government has entirely severe guidelines and guideline which are to be trailed by all the online destinations. Be that as it may, the Chinese government have motivations to legitimize their activities and intention.

Let’s see some of the reasons why Chinese government wants to keep these social media sites away from its country.

The Chinese government knows about how the information and data gathered from Chinese population can be utilized against China. More specially the Chinese government doesn’t need the outside tech organizations keeping an eye on them. Chinese government fears that the substance posted via web-based networking media websites can impact their kin. Since these locales are user generated, they can’t control it. The Chinese government needs the protection of its nation just as individuals and doesn’t need anybody to come in middle of  its political undertakings. The Chinese government doesn’t need individuals to examine their nations. Different ideological groups or issues in those mainstream online social media websites.

China’s Tech Sector

Another reason which China presents to world is that they want to develop their own tech sector (in-house Silicon Valley) to compete with companies outside in the global market. The use of local social media, web engines and other products can create much more revenue than outsiders for the country by imposing tax. The Chinese has developed their own platforms to fight “American” tech giants such as Baidu for Google, Yoku for Youtube, Weibo against Facebook and so many others.

The other reason which seems logical is the prevention from illegal and adult content. Monitoring a foreign website will be tough but taking control over a homegrown website is quite easy for a government. That’s what China is doing taking control over whole internet and calling it Great Firewall of China (GFC) which makes accessing illegal or pornography websites impossible in China.

So when you are visiting China next time don’t forget to install some Chinese apps and told your friends also to install the same one or else you won’t be able to connect with them.

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